Duck Classic 2023

Offical Rules and Scoring.

Teams may not exceed four (4) hunters plus host. Hunt host will be permitted to hunt and IS counted in scoring
– All Arkansas Game and Fish Limits, Rules and Regulations Apply
— All ducks must be retrieved, counted and checked; 100% fair chase.
– All ducks harvested will be segregated by species and drakes/hens, and scored as follows: Each species, including drakes and hens, will be displayed on Score Board
– Dice roll will determine scoring for each species/sex (a random person from the audience will be chosen from the audience to roll)
-Team scores are then determined by birds “in the bag” multiplied by the individual values for each species and sex, and then totaled
-The team with the most points will be awarded as the winner
– In the event of a tie, the team with the earliest recorded call-in time will be named the winner
– Teams MUST call in by 12:00pm and check-in with ducks by 1:00pm.
-Dice Roll will begin at 1:15pm.

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